New Facility Searches

Locating and securing the right facility in the right location is of critical importance to growing companies.

We understand that locating the right facility and securing that facility at the best possible terms can make the difference between the success or failure, especially for young and fast growing companies.

With more than 25 years experience in leading new facility searches for a broad variety of companies, we have developed comprehensive analytical tools to assist in facilty searches.  

Important categories include capital cost analysis, (including acquisition costs of the facility and improvement costs), building operating cost analysis, freight and transportation studies, demographic studies and analyisis of the labor market in specific locations, review of community growth patterns and overall business climate.

Green Building

Combined with the comprehensive analyis is the use of a network of connections within the commercial real estate brokerage community developed over several decades, and the use of national commercial real estate search engines, Loopnet and Costar.

In list form, below are some of the variables we evaluate during the business relocation evaluation process:

Feasibility analysis of varied location scenarios.

  • Comparative analysis of the cost of the real estate acquisition as well as any required capital improvements.  

  • Comparative analysis of operating costs including utilities.

  • Analysis of a region’s regulatory climate and tax rates.

  • Infrastructure and logistics studies, due diligence and analysis.

  • Labor market and demographics overview and analysis.

  • Review of overall business climate and long term growth patterns.

  • Preliminary incentive assessment overview and initial negotiation.

Perhaps most importantly, we have the experience and success in structuring and completing complex commercial real estate transactions to provide our clients with the best possible terms on leases and sales of their commercial real estate facilities.