Incentives Advisory and Representation

Creating and implementing incentives strategies designed to maximize the amount and type of incentive packages which can be used for our clients’ relocation and expansion initiatives.


We create and implement incentives strategies to assist our clients' during their relocation and expansion initiatives. As a key component in this process, we work to create win-win scenarios for our clients and the communities in which they are considering the expansion of their business operations. As part of this process, we have developed analytical tools to properly evaluate incentive proposals from competing communities and regions.

Since the changes to the nations's economy that have occured during the last four years, the recruitment by different communities and regions of companies with significant employment numbers has become even more competititve that it has been historically. For our clients, this has created increased possibilities of securing a full range of incentive packages that can provide very significant long term economic advantages.

One aspect of the incentive structuring and negotiation work which we perform, is to look for different areas wherein incentive offers, tax abatements, utility rebates, etc. can be secured for lenghty periods of time, so as to provide our clients with cost savings over many years.

Incentive packages and proposals often differ significantly from community to community and region to region. We have developed anayltical models so that competing incentive packages can be fairly weighed and given the proper amount of importance during the location advisory work which we perfrom. Foremost among our critieria when comparing different possible locations for a client, is to find a match between a company and a community wherein both parties will see positive long term growth as a result on our clients relocation or expansion into a new community.

We are keenly aware that location decisions involve the analysis of a large array of factors in addition to incentives packages. One important aspect of incentive structuring and negotiation is to determine the proper importance with which to weigh incentive proposals, knowing that other factors such as freight and distribution costs, labor costs and availability,  and the cost of any real estate acquisition also need to be fully evaluated in order for clients to make the most informed decisions possible.

Our experience in assisting clients with long term strategic planning and analysis helps to ensure that our clients have both the ability and the time to take into account all of the various factors that contribute to making the best possible decisions for future facilites.

Incentives Advisory