Labor and Demographic Analysis

The composition of a region's employee base is a critical factor in determing the best possible location of a company's expansion or relocation. We work to provide our clients with a comprehensive overview of an area’s demographics as well as its' labor costs.

Labor and demographics
Labor and demographic analysis

Understanding a region's demographics and labor market is extremely vital during the decison making process on where to locate a new or expansion facility.  In addition to the cost components of one region to another, a host of other factors need to be considered. The availability of the various types of employees is of course, the first consideration. The depth of the employee market for the different positions which will be needed, the competition for these employees from other companies in the region and the comparative pay scale are all significant factors.

Also of great importance is an area's educational system, trade schools and colleges. In many areas, assistance with the training of the skills necessary for new hires can be provided by local colleges and trade schools as part of an incentive package designed to attract a new company.

The quality of life and long term direction of a community are also key factors during the decison making process with regards to hiring over time. The rate of growth of a particular community, the strength of its public eductation system, its cultural life and overall attractiveness as a place to live and raise a family are all considerations which need to be evaluated to ensure that a location will be successful over the years in attracting the best possible employee base.

Using information from public and private sources, we analyze the data provided, ask important questions, interview human resource directors from companies already in the area, all in an effort to assess whether an area is the right one for our client.  We feel that this effort to provide our clients with a thorough understanding of an areaís demographics and labor markets and the comprehensive study of an area's suitability for a new facility are one of the most important taks which we undertake in the search of the right loction.