Case Study: Fantastic World Foods

Fantastic Foods

From its origins as a startup in Marin County, Fantastic World Foods, a pioneering natural foods company grows to become one of the leading company for packaged organic grains nationwide.

Jim Rosen, the Founder of Fantastic World Foods, first met Mark Levin, Vice President of Voit Real Estate Services - Cypress Food Group, in 1986 when he was looking for about 10,000 square feet of additional warehouse space for his new company, then called "Fantastic Foods".  The primary concern in addition to a low rental rate was having clear height space in excess of 30' high, as pallets were stacked four high to make the warehouse space operate as effieciently as possible.

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After completing several progressively larger leases in Marin County, Mark assisted Fantastic Foods in securing the Master Lease on a Petaluma, California building of 132,000 square feet, which intially had several other companies as tenants. Over a period of a number of years and a building ovwership change, Fantastic Foods came to occupy the entire 132,000 square feet to accomodate its' steady growth. The ability to keep the entire manufacturing and distribution operation in one facility was a tremendous benefit and contibuted to operating efficiencies in what is a very competitve business.

Fantasic Foods was founded by Jim Rosen more than 30 years ago. Jim was a pioneer in the natural foods movement with the ability and vision to create healthy foods that grabbed everyone's attention. Back when "natural and healthy" meant "bland" to most folks, Jim created FANTASTIC foods. They were daring vegetarian recipes -colorful, original and naturally delicious! He insisted on using superior ingredients from as close to their natural source as possible. These ingredients were wholesome, natural, full of life and home-grown vitality. His spirited side dishes, soups and meals simmered with inventive culinary creativity. Fantastic World Foods was the first to create many items that are now a mainstay in the food industry, including the first all-natural soups in a cup, th first mashed potato cups, the first authentic Asian Noodle soups, and th first all-natural soups and dips.