Case Study: Avalon Organics

Avalon Organics grows from a small Northern California startup to become one of the most recognized brands in the natural cosmetics industry.

Mark Egide, the Founder of Avalon Natural Cosmetics, first met Mark Levin in 1986, prior to the formation of Avalon. At the time Mark Egide was operating Beauty without Cruelty Cosmetics and the San Francisco Soap Company. In 1989, at the startup phase of Avalon, Mark Levin's assistance was sought out to find Avalon’s initial premises, which was a combined office / warehouse space of just over 1,000 SF in Marin County, California. 

Avalon Organics

With Mark's help, Avalon expanded twice in the same building as the initial premises. Then, in 1992, Avalon reached out to Mark to find 25,000 SF of warehouse manufacturing space, which was needed immediately, as Avalon had received a large order from Nordstrom that needed to be fulfilled in a very short time frame. Mark  was able to secure the needed 25,000 SF in a 49,000 SF building in nearby Sonoma County, on very favorable lease terms. Mark was also able to negotiate an Option to Purchase the building for Mark and Stacey Egide. 

Within six months of moving into the new facility, the owners of Avalon purchased the building. And over the next four years Avalon came to occupy the entire building, including an addition of 12,000 SF of office space, for which Mark Levin provided advice to the Egides on the design and construction of the additional office space. During the next ten years, Avalon continued to grow and to develop into one of the leading brands in the natural products industry nationally.

Avalon was purchased by Hain Naturals in 2006 and the name of the company was changed to Avalon Organics. In 2007, Mark Levin sold the building that he helped the the founders of Avalon purchase back in 1992 for more than three times their initial purchase price, the sale included a lease back to Hain Naturals.

Mark and Stacey Egide, the founders of Avalon Organics, now own Andalou Naturals, a rapidly growing organic natural products company.