Case Study: Amy's Kitchen, 2002 - Present

Amy's Kitchen tremendous growth continues as it becomes the leading company for organic vegetarian meals nationally, expands its facilities in Northern California and establishes new manufacuring plants in Oregon and Idaho.

In 2002,  Amy's Kitchen and Mark Levin, Vice President of Voit Real Estate Services - Cypress Food Group, worked dilgently on creating a new 400,000 square foot food manufacturing and distribution facility in Sonoma County, California on a beautiful 80 acre site. However, a number of obstacles, including potential traffic impacts and the possibility of the site being located in habitat where the Califonia Tiger Salmander, a protected species, is found, prohibited timely development of the site.

Fortunately for Amy's, which had grown significantly in the previous ten years, a 50 acre site near Medford, in southern Oregon was found for the new manufacturing plant. The county in which the site was located, eager to attract the jobs that Amy's would bring to the area, assisted Amy's with the acquisition of the site and the approval process. Even a call from then California Governor Schwarenegger to Andy Berliner, trying to keep Amy's expansion in California, could not offset the tremendous economic advantages of the Oregon location. By locating its second plant in Oregon, Amy's enjoyed annual savings of several million dollars in utility costs alone as compared with operating a new plant in California.

By 2005, Amy's had two fully operating manufacturing plants, one in Northern California and one in Southern Oregon. Over the next five years, as Amy's sales continued to increase by over 10% annually, Amy's was now shipping more than $100 million worth of frozen pizzas, pastas as well as canned soups and other products from California and Oregon to the population centers of the East Coast. The extremely high costs of transporting its' products acrosss the country made finding an East Coast location for a third Amy's plant an important priority.

Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen

During this same period, Amy's was able to lease a state-of-the-art frozen food facility in the UK, so that it could begin selling its products in Great Britian and the EU.

Amy’s Kitchen annual sales now exceed $450M and it is recognized as one of the leading natural food companies in the United States. With multiple operating facilities in California and additional food production facilities in Oregon and Idaho, Amy's continues to enjoy growth in excess of 10% annually.

During the last two decades, Mark Levin, Vice President of Voit Real Estate Services - Cypress Food Group, has continued to work for Amy’s on numerous assignments for its' continued growth; as both a trusted advisor and as a real estate broker. Mark is currently working on various real estate projects for Amy’s Kitchen in California.