The right strategic partner makes all the difference.

With a special emphasis on representing natural foods and natural products companies, we help our clients evaluate and implement strategic growth initiatives.

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Our Areas of Expertise

New Facility Searches

We begin with the many individual criteria that need to be achieved for a new location to be a long-term  success. Next, we identify the most favorable possible locations for a companyís new facility. Finally, we conduct extensive due diligence review to determine the best possible site for the expansion or relocation.

Lease and Sale Representation

With the experience gained through more than 25 years of completing lease and sales transactions valued in excess of $800 million, we provide comprehensive, experienced representation for our clients in all types of commercial real estate lease and sales transactions.

Incentives Advisory and Representation

Working with our clients to formulate incentives strategies designed to maximize the value of incentive packages from local, regional and state governments, we lead the negotiations on our clientsí behalf to obtain the most economically favorable and comprehensive package achievable.

Transportation Cost Studies

Utilizing regional and national logistic  companies, we obtain the most comprehensive transportation cost data available to assist in determining which locations will have the lowest long-term transportation costs as well as the most efficient location for our clientsí various distribution channels.

Labor and Demographic Analysis

Using information from both public and private sources, we provide our clients with a thorough understanding of an areaís demographics and labor markets to allow for a comprehensive study of an areaís suitability for a new facility. Quality of life, schools and growth are all factors in this analysis.

Strategic Planning

Drawing from the experience gained during more than 25 years of advising companies and negotiating often complex real estate transactions and facility relocations, we assist in analyzing long-term growth opportunities. This is followed by the creation and implementation of a strategic business plan and facilities master plan.